It feels SO good to be back with a new volume of The Confessional today. In The Confessional, we find peace, resolution, and that sweet sigh of relief that we aren’t the only mom out there who sometimes wishes Nina from the Goodnight show could move in, or rationalizes that Spaghettios count as veggies, because they’re in a rich tomato sauce. =)

My point is (and was at The Confessional’s inception), is that NONE of us are perfect…Sure, we might pretend to be…Some of us may even be pretty darn good at faking the “I have it all together” act. But really, most of us are just struggling to keep our head above water most days….and that’s okay! We’re doing our best…giving it what we have. Sure, some days we may have less to give than others, but we wake up each morning and we’re doing it all over again..Why? Because we love our kids. We’re in this together ladies. If you’re new to this feature, I highly suggest you take a few minutes and peruse The Confessional Archives. Grab a hot cider and let the wave of relief wash over you as you connect with other moms from around the country….We’re all so different, and yet so very  much the same….just fighting our way through this crazy journey called motherhood.

This week’s confessions were sent in from a Chasing Supermom reader, and I am so grateful! This weekly feature does not work without volunteers! (And boy do I need them!) If you’ve never confessed, think about it…peruse the archives….I’ll bet each one of you has 6-12 little mom confessions you could bless us with…Remain anonymous or get your blog featured…Just free yourself of this crazy guilt we lug around…Ready to feel better? Here we go!

Father forgive me…
1. There are days when my kids will wear the same clothes for two days. Why? If we’re not going anywhere, and they’re wearing sweats, why in the world would I want to add to the monster laundry pile?

2. Sometimes we have chips or cookies for lunch. I’m tired! I work two jobs and my kids attend online internet charter school so they are always home. I get tired of cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner. And, they don’t seem to mind.

3. I put on my pajamas as soon as I get home from work, even if it’s 2:00 in the afternoon. They’re comfy, warm, and it doesn’t add to the laundry. I have about 3 loads of laundry a day, so the less, the better!

4. I make the little ones share the bathwater. They take turns-whoever gets the fresh water today will go second the day after next. Yes, they get baths every other day, unless they’re unusually dirty. Then it’s every day.

5. The two little ones sleep with me-a lot. My husband works midnights. I put them to bed in their room, but if I wake up and they’re in bed with me, so be it. Unless I’m really tired, and then they just go to bed with me.

6. I let them watch a movie when they go to bed. We read a story first, and then they take turns picking the bedtime movie. It’s an awfully bad habit, but it works, so it’s okay, right?


Until next week ladies, you are exonerated. Go and sin no more.