We are in the middle of re-decorating all three of our children’s bedrooms. The sheer thought of trying to figure out how to make each room appealing to each child (and me!) in an affordable way was exhausting. I didn’t know what I was going to do. I wanted something fun for the walls, but didn’t want to go through the effort painting a mural only to have the kids decide on a new theme in a few years. What’s a busy mom to do?! Head to http://www.tradingphrases.com!

Trading Phrases was like my decorating dream come true. I had always been curious about wall decals, and when I stumbled upon their website, I was thrilled with their amazing selection. With over 4,000 different designs to choose from, there is definitely something to please every style and taste. Within minutes, I had found something I adored for each of the kids’ rooms (and a few things I thought would be great throughout the rest of the house as well!) This site has tons of quotes, gorgeous trees, whimsical designs for kids, and even ways to make your appliances look cool! (Seriously, I so want to get some decals for my washer and dryer, and my KitchenAid mixer!!!)

I went back and forth trying to decide which child was going to be blessed with cool new wall art (which is TRULY what this is!), and decided on the boys’ room. We are doing a transportation themed room, and Trading Phrases had a great selection. My oldest son Henry decided on the helicopter decal for his new room. I loved that I could pick the size that was right for us, as well as choose between 64 different colors to completely customize our chosen design.

Our design came quickly and with tools to help the first-time installer! Our decal came with a special burnishing tool, as well as a few practice decals (which are great if you’re a little unsure, or just want to be careful!) I was SO excited to get this up on my little man’s wall (and so was he!) I had my mom come over to help (just as I am 8 months pregnant and shouldn’t really be up on a ladder!) We watched the very handy installation video on the website (how cool is that?!) and got to work. We carefully taped the design the way we wanted it, and started to use the handy burnishing tool. The actual installation was pretty quick and easy. Once we figured out what we were doing, it was a simple process (that I firmly believe just about every mom could do…yes, even you “craft-challenged” moms!) Our tips to future installers are to go slowly, and don’t try to rush the process. (The video and website will tell you that as well!) We also figured out that burnishing as you go really helped to ease the decal off of the backing paper smoothly. The whole process only took about 10 minutes, and my son is now the proud owner of a pretty awesome blue helicopter.

One of you will have the chance to win something from Trading Phrases!! What will you pick? Will you customize your laptop? Select your newborn’s initials to go over her crib? Place a quote about family in your dining room? Have the coolest washing machine on the planet? The possibilities are endless and I KNOW you will find something you love! Head on over to Trading Phrases now and start shopping!




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