I hadn’t written one of these posts in over a year, and wanted to write something light and funny today. Oh motherhood….The only book you read today may rhyme and be about dancing hippos. Your lunch just might consist of the half eaten chicken nuggets on your child’s plate, and you may find yourself watching The Fresh Beat Band even after your child has left the room….If any of those things resonate with you…you just might be a mom…Read along, laugh, nod your head, and relish this crazy ride called motherhood.


1. While watching Sid the Science Kid, you wonder, “Where on earth can I find a preschool class for my child that only has four students??”

2. You’ve hoped and prayed that the hot dogs the gang from Mickey  Mouse Clubhouse are always eating are chicken or pork  hot dogs, as that would just be cruel to poor Clarabelle if they were made of beef…

3. Speaking of Mickey, you’ve wondered just how old are Mickey and his friends supposed to be? Are they adults with learning disabilities? Emancipated children in seemingly adult relationships?  I mean, they live alone with no mention of parents, yet they still play with coloring books and need help counting to 10….

4. Yes, you’ve asked yourself MANY a time why Caillou is four years old and has no hair….BUT, you may have also wondered why his father is outside in a sweater and turtleneck, while Caillou is in shorts and a t-shirt…Poor Caillou….always seemingly under-dressed…

5. You find it a little creepy and “big brother-esque” that a spy satellite watches the children on Special Agent Oso….and then wonder why none of the parents find it the least bit odd that a talking bear shows up at their door to “help” their child. (Even when he doesn’t know how to do the most basic of things like wash vegetables or put on pants…)

6. Even though you found out years ago, it STILL bothers you that Blue is a girl on Blues Clues….I  mean really, she’s a girl??

7. You’ve repeatedly tried to figure out the genders of the animals on Wonder Pets….especially the guinea pig…There’s a definite androgynous vibe he/she puts out there…

8. Can Dora’s parents NOT find a top that fits her properly?

9. You were more upset than your child when they swapped out “Marina” on Fresh Beat Band. (Doesn’t work on grown-up shows….doesn’t work on children’s shows either…..We didn’t buy it on I Dream of Jeannie or Roseanne…) They could have at least changed her name and called her a “new friend.”

10. You’ve wondered if Milli’s hair (on Team Umizoomi) is made out of fruit by the foot….

Have fun being a mom today!