I LOVE simple crafts! My kids would do art projects every single day if I would let them, so I am always trying to come up with quick and easy ideas to keep them happy without taking a huge chunk out of our day. This project is simple, cute, and easy enough for a craft-challenged mom to do. (And you don’t need to run to the craft store to buy supplies!) I also love this project because it helps mark a moment in time. (Handprint crafts are the best!)

Here’s what you’ll need:

Assorted craft paints

plain white paper

(That’s it!)

Start by painting your child’s arm from the elbow up, as well as their palm brown. (We didn’t have brown, so we mixed colors until they made a trunk-like shade.) Gently stamp your child’s hand/arm print down onto the white paper, and help them carefully lift it off.

*Help your child to the sink, and wash the paint off!

Next, place small blobs of leaf-colored paints on a paper plate. Have your child create “leaves” using their thumb or fingerprints. Allow them to place the leaves on the finger branches, falling through the air, in a pile on the ground, etc.Try to let THEM take the lead, and don’t worry about whether it looks “perfect.” Just go with their little creative mind. Art does not (and should not!) be uniform!

I let my son paint a strip of green grass at the base of his tree to complete the picture. I LOVE the finished result. We have the perfect fall tree, and a reminder of how big Henry was at age 4. Have fun creating fall handprint trees with your kids this week!

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