Potty training – It’s the cross we all must bear. I am half-way done with my potty training journey, and have one boy and one girl left to walk through this sometimes harrowing (and messy) process. I get asked a lot (and I mean A LOT) about potty training. I’ve shied away from the topic on the blog for one main reason….all kids are different. There is not a “right way” or magical way to train all kids. The only piece of advice I have ever (and will ever) give out about potty training is this….wait until they are ready! And trust me, you’ll know when they are. Sometimes it’s gradual, and with other children it’s almost like a light switches on overnight. I can say from experience that it is a much simpler and pleasant (and faster) process for everyone if you ignore the desire to “compete” with other moms and just wait until it is the right time for YOUR child. Some kids are ready before they turn 2. Others aren’t ready until after they turn 3. They’ll get it.

Since my little man was showing signs that he was (finally, and thank you Jesus) ready, I wanted to make a potty chart that he would love. I want him to want to go to the bathroom! This is serious business…I’ve got two kids in diapers right now, and this mama can think of much better things to spend our money on than Huggies. We haven’t reached the Pull-ups phase yet, and I’d love to get through one child without having to buy them. So, I opened up Word and created a cute and quick little Thomas the Tank Engine potty chart.

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Each time Harry uses the potty, he gets to put one sticker on the chart. When he has filled up the chart, we will take him to the store to buy a new Thomas train. He already has his eye on Gordon. =) We aren’t giving out an additional treat with the sticker, as the sticker alone with the incentive to earn the train is enough for him.

So far so good, and he is VERY excited about and proud of his chart. We’re keeping the stickers in a basket above the toilet so they are right there when we need them. I always make each successful potty a BIG DEAL! We dance. We whoop and holler. We celebrate. We tell our pee-pee bye-bye as we flush it away. I give Harry LOTS of praise and tell him what a great job he did and how proud I am for him going on the potty like a big boy. I am not ashamed. I can do the potty celebration dance like nobody’s business.

You can download and print a copy of my Thomas the Tank Engine Potty Chart and use it with your child! Here’s to dry diapers! Good luck!