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As a mother of four, I’ve been blessed with an abundance of baby gifts. Friends and family have thrown me numerous baby showers and we received endless outfits, toys, and other gifts for baby. While the marketplace hosts a wide variety of items to choose from, it’s hard to know what to give a new mother. We all want to give the gift that becomes her favorite – the gift she and/or her baby will treasure.

I wanted to present you with 5 great gift ideas for new moms and babies. I have a pulse on what moms not only need but want, and have been around the block enough times to know what types of baby shower gifts stand the test of time (and end up blessing more than the first baby!)

1. Captain Sillypants Swaddlesswaddle blankets, swaddling, swaddles, captain sillypants, cute swaddle blankets, high quality blankets, blankets in a basket

I cannot stress enough just how magical a fantastic swaddling blanket is – especially in those early hours of the morning. A swaddling blanket helps soothe a newborn, and Captain Sillypants helps babies make the transition from womb to world with comfort, safety, and style! Made from 100% organic cotton (that just gets softer and better with every wash!) in an over-sized 48 in. by 48 in. design (a must for creating that perfect swaddle!), Captain Sillypants Swaddles make the perfect gift.

These on-trend and absolutely adorable blankets are available exclusively at Eleventh Avenue for a limited time. You can order your favorite designs in a very limited pre-order, at $9.99 for a single or $18.99 for a set (*regular prices $19.99 and $34.99.) At these prices, they won’t last long, so get your order in! (All orders will ship by 4/30/15 and your satisfaction is guaranteed!)


2. Board BooksPride and Prejudice Board Book

You all know just how much I love to recommend books! Reading to your baby will not only pique their interest in books and build your personal connection, but will help your child begin to associate books with love. (And don’t we all want our kids to fall in love with literacy?!)

I wrote a post entitled Best Board Books for Toddlers, and I urge you to check it out for my suggestions! I share many of our personal favorites, and titles that have become cherished bedtime traditions throughout the years. A home can never have too many books on the shelf, so grab a book or two (or ten!) for the next shower you are invited to!


3. Dinner!!

New moms are TIRED. Those first six weeks are magical and special, and downright EXHAUSTING! The last thing a new mom wants to do is spend a lot of time in the kitchen preparing meals. One of the biggest blessings to our family throughout the years has been the gift of a meal. Friends lovingly brought over casseroles ready to be thrown into the oven, bags of quick-fix groceries, special snacks for our other children – just simple but such tangible blessings.

If you’re not a cook, pass along a gift card to the local pizza delivery place or a grab and go restaurant near the new mom’s home. She will appreciate it!


4. Bigger ClothesRed and White Stripe Jammies

At each of my baby showers, I received dozens of adorable outfits for my kids. However, nearly all of the clothing women receive at their showers are sized newborn – 3 months. These outfits look so tiny and sweet on the hangers at the store – and are admittedly hard to resist. However, once a few months pass, new moms find themselves with empty closets and drawers, and nothing for their growing baby to wear!

I always recommend buying new moms at least one outfit sized above 12 months. It was always SO nice to have cute new clothes ready for my kids to wear as they grew. It was great to know they had a few sets of clothing waiting, and that I wasn’t going to have to scramble around to find things. So go ahead and grab that sweet little newborn onesie – but get a pair of 24 months jammies too!


5. Essential Oils

I SO wish I had discovered essential oils back when I was having babies! Essential oils are a fun and creative gift that can greatly improve the quality and health of a new mom! Grab a diffuser (yes you can find affordable ones!), and a bottle of soothing lavendar oil or Stress Relief blend, and help that new mama relax! Oils have made a world of difference in my home, not only in my mood, but in my ability to sleep and relax, and in my ability to help heal my family in a more natural way.

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