Growing up, math was always my least favorite subject. It never came naturally to me, the way reading and writing did. Despite being put in honors math classes in middle and high school, it never quite “clicked” for me, and I struggled to keep up with the classroom material. In college, I was constantly feeling “lost” in my Statistics class – never quite understanding what my professor was saying. The symbols, figures, equations, and terminology tripped me up. And because so many mathematical principles build on each other, once you get lost, it’s difficult to find your way back again.

As parents, we sometimes watch our own children struggle with math –  especially as they begin to work on middle school, high school, and college level math work. So many of us feel like we are in WAY over our head when we look at their homework, and feel like we are completely incapable of helping. Often, anything past the four basic functions and we’re out. Throw in all the changes to the way kids are learning math, and we end up feeling just as lost as we did when we were students.

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Enter  This site is for every student or parent who has felt lost while looking at a math book or felt like the problem may just as well have been written in a foreign language. The site is a fantastic go-to resource that every parent should have bookmarked. (Go do that now while you’re thinking about it!) From calculus to algebra and everything in between, is the place to go when you need help solving a problem, cracking an equation, or understanding a mathematical concept. Simply register for a free account, and then post your problem to the appropriate forum. Sit back and wait for a math enthusiast to answer. Often, people receive many helpful answers – helping them work through or solve their problem.

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As a parent, this resource is invaluable. I want to be able to help my kids through ANY math problem they encounter. I want to be able to discuss their homework with them. When I can’t – I want to be able to point them towards a resource that CAN. That resource is!
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