We’re going on a color hunt. Can you spot something blue?

A color hunt is a fun and fantastic way to help your preschooler explore and discover the world around them all while learning more about the colors.

Our little learners learn SO much through play, observation, and exploration. Take your child by the hand, lead them outside, give them new experiences, and let them play! You’ll be surprised at how much they soak in! Kids are curious and eager to learn – and activities like this inspire them to keep making discoveries.

For our color hunt, we walked around our property, examining nature. Whenever my son found a color, I made a note of it, so I could personalize his Printable Color Words Book. We had so much fun hunting for colors. I wonder what YOUR child will find!

Color Book 1

I am such a huge fan of predictable, patterned books for beginning readers. These readers help your child pick up valuable sight words while feeling like successful and competent readers. They are a fantastic way to boost your child’s confidence. In this printable book, you will use the items you found on your color hunt to personalize the pages for your child.

Color Book 2

We found a red barn, so I added the word “barn” to our, “I see a red…” page. I added the word and had my son draw a picture of the barn on the page – using a red crayon of course! If your  preschooler/kindergartner is just beginning his/her reading journey, you can underline the color word with the same color crayon. The goal is for your child to feel successful and confident – not frustrated! Do what works with your child’s unique needs and abilities.

Color Book 3

My son has had so much fun reading this book. He is so proud of his illustrations and loves being able to read the words on the pages. He was invested in the project, so it is meaningful to him.

You can download a free template to create a color words book with YOUR child. Have fun and let’s keep raising readers together!

Printable Color Words Book