There is something magical about kids being creative. I love it when my kids are unplugged and doing what kids do best – using their imagination and creativity. My husband and I have talked at length about who we want our children to grow up to be. One of our “imperatives” is that we want to raise lovers of the arts.

I want my kids to find solace in creative outlets. Towards that end, I am always looking for products that expose my children to different are mediums. When I was offered the chance to review the Paint Your Own Porcelain Vases set from, I jumped at the chance. Painting porcelain was new to all of us – and something everyone enjoyed.


This holiday season, consider giving a gift that gets kids CREATING. We were born to create – to make – to inspire. When kids participate in the arts, their minds are activated in new ways.



The process is simple and FUN! Kids select the vase they want to paint, and use the included paint set and brush to create the design of their choice. Let the vase dry and put in a low-heat oven. The result is a wonderfully vibrant work of art.

All four of my children (ages 3-9) loved painting a vase. My two older children chose to paint more of  a “scene” while my two younger kids (who shared a vase) chose to do more of a “free form” design. I absolutely love the results and love seeing their individual personalities shine through in their work.


I loved watching them realize that they could “paint whatever they wanted.” Kids need to know that there are no mistakes or “right answers” in art. It was so neat to see them create something they thought was beautiful.

Kids can keep their vases to enjoy or give them away as presents. (I think many a grandmother would LOVE to have a hand-painted vase on her kitchen table!!)


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What will your child create on their vase? Happy painting!