*This post is part of a sponsored campaign for Captain McFinn’s Swim & Play App. I received compensation for my participation, but my review and opinions are my own.

In Captain McFinn’s Swim & Play app, real, live people, known as Explorers, respond in real time to how a child engages with Captain McFinn’s interactive undersea world. Yes – you read that correctly! This app really sets itself apart  by providing real-time responses, encouragement, and interaction from a REAL person! As your child plays, he/she can see their Explorer. (But don’t worry, the Explorer cannot see your child!) The Explorers are WONDERFUL – cheery, happy, and full of fun ideas for your little one.

As your child explorers the various undersea worlds, he/she will get to hear from the Explorer. The Explorer will call out your child by the nickname they entered, and can see where they are in the app. The Explorer calls out “missions” for kids, things to find, fish friends to help, etc. When your child completes the objective, the Explorer will celebrate them. They are full of fun ideas and share lots of little tidbits about how to help others, spread kindness, and learn new things. It really is a game-changer.

This latest version features three alternating worlds – Sand Dusty Reef, the home of CaptainMcFinn, Riff Raff Reef, focusing on preventing bullying behaviors, and The Unsmashable Cross Section, a sunken ship that focuses on using proper manners in everyday life. Your child (represented by a fish they select and a nickname they choose) can navigate through the different areas, interacting with the things on the screen.


These worlds offer 250 animated hot spots – up from 100 in the original version — with interactive McFinn characters, original McFinn cartoons, preschool music videos and songs and eight different activities focusing on drawing, creating music and reading. The hot spots are a lot of fun for your child. My daughter visited the princesses having tea on the ship MANY times, delighted at the different things they did each time she visited. It’s always fresh and new, revealing all kinds of undersea fun for kids.


There are also badges for completing activities, a chat box for parents to ask the Explorer questions and a clap button for cheering on other users.

There is so much to do! From games (our fave was Swimphony!) to videos, to the interactive exploration, each time your child plays can be a new experience.

Previously available by subscription only, Captain McFinn’s Swim & Play now sells for just $2.99 in the Apple Store and through Google Play.

Captain McFinn’s Swim & Play app is also featured in the nabi Elev-8, Fuhu’s most advanced and powerful kid-focused tablet to date, which launched in October. Fuhu, Inc., is the creator of the award-winning nabi® tablet and the foremost innovator in high technology solutions for families. Captain McFinn joins a select group of other premier children’s entertainment brands in nabi Elev-8’s content lineup.

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