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Several weeks ago, my family and I visited King’s Island as part of our cross-country road trip. For five of us, this was our very first (but definitely not our last!!) visit.

kings island entry, kings island fountain, kings island picture

Today, I’m sharing my top 8 reasons to visit King’s Island. I hope you’ll start planning your trip!

Meet n’ Greet the Peanuts Characters

Park guests have the opportunity to meet their favorite Peanuts characters! Aside from different opportunities to catch these characters around the park, guests can also take part in the Peanuts Party in the Plaza or Lunch with the Peanuts Gang. (*Showtimes vary. Please check website for specific info.)

Our kids were excited to stop and meet Charlie Brown and Lucy. We didn’t need to wait in a long line to snap our pics, and the characters were very sweet to our kids.



King’s Island is home to lots of absolutely delicious eats and sweets! While you’ll find plenty of your standard “theme park fare” – there are also some unique offerings throughout the park. Here are my top recommendations:

  • Blueberry soft serve! (Find this famous treat at Planet Snoopy Ice Cream!)
  • Skyline Chili (a restaurant unique to OH, IN, and KY (w/ a few in FL)
    • This has become a favorite at our house. Think spaghetti topped with chili, cheese, and toppings. SO good!
  • Chick-fil-A
  • Grilled Cheese Donut from Tom + Chee
  • World’s Greatest Funnel Cake


The Coasters

If you like roller coasters – you’re going to LOVE King’s Island. King’s Island is home to a dozen incredible coasters. As a coaster enthusiast, I love that the coasters at King’s Island are wonderfully unique and varied! You are going to get a variety of coaster experiences. From the loops of the Vortex to the Invertigo (the only inverted coaster in the Midwest) to the super-fast Diamondback – there is a coaster for everyone at King’s Island.

Kings Island Vortex, vortex roller coaster, kings island coaster

This is the Vortex – a favorite of my middle schooler!

Mystic Timbers

Even if you’ve been to King’s Island in the past – you need to come back and ride the brand new coaster – Mystic Timbers! This highly anticipated new coaster definitely lives up to the hype, and is the most thrilling wooden coaster I’ve ever experienced. We LOVED this ride.

This 109 foot tall wooden coaster features 16 air-time moments and reaches a top speed of 53 mph. The ride is designed to resemble an abandoned lumber company, and leaves riders wondering – “What’s in the shed?” (I’m not going to tell you! You’ll have to ride to find out!) #DoNotGoInTheShed

Mystic Timbers King's Island, new coaster, shed

Rides for EVERYONE

There is something for everyone at King’s Island. From thrilling coasters like Banshee and Flight of Fear to more “family-friendly coasters” like The Racer and Backlot Stunt Coaster to the kids rides found at Planet Snoopy – EVERYONE in your family will find attractions they love.

King’s Island is a theme park for coaster enthusiasts. It’s the park for families of young children. It’s a park for teenagers and college students to spend the day. King’s Island is perfect for families with children at different stages.



In addition to three fantastic water-based attractions at King’s Island (Congo Falls, White Water Canyon, and Race for Your Life Charlie Brown), guests get full access to Soak City with the purchase of their King’s Island ticket!!

TWO parks for the price of one!!!

log ride

Soak City is the region’s premier water park with more than 50 water activities! Experience a full range of water slides and water attractions. Guests can switch back and forth from King’s Island to Soak City throughout the day – even taking the train for easy access!




Throughout the summer, King’s Island has a fireworks display on days the park closes at 10pm or later. (*Through 9/3). We were very excited to learn that King’s Island offered fireworks. If your family can make it until 10 pm – you won’t be disappointed! This is a fantastic way to end your day at King’s Island.



SUPER-Short Lines/Wait Times

We could not believe how short the lines were at King’s Island. We were able to walk onto nearly every ride in the park. The longest wait of the day was 5 minutes. We were floored and so pleasantly surprised. As a family used to waiting a minimum of 30 minutes to ride an attraction at competitors – we were THRILLED to get to spend our time in the park actually riding the attractions – instead of waiting to ride them!

(*We visited the park on a weekday. For guests wanting a guaranteed short-line experience, the park offers the Fast Lane upgrade – allowing you to skip the line on the park’s most popular coasters and attractions. See website for details.)

My husband and two oldest kids are up there! They loved the WindSeeker so much, they rode it twice!

We will definitely be going back to King’s Island on our next trip to Ohio. I hope you’ll consider making a trip to King’s Island part of your family’s summer plans.

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