Welcome back to Part 2 of my Road Trip Series! Today, I’m talking all about the little things you’ll want to have handy in your car as you’re traveling.

We’ve found that it is better to be prepared, than to be caught off-guard. After a few emergency stops at gas stations and truck stops (at all hours of the night) we’ve learned that essential supplies are very SPENDY on the road, and it’s often difficult to find what you need. Now, we just keep a stash of essentials on hand, and our trips go much smoother.

This is not an exhaustive list by any means – but a list of the things I strongly recommend, especially if driving across the country. Be prepared and have a blast!

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Let’s get REAL for a minute….cars (especially family cars) get DIRTY on a normal day. Spend a couple of weeks in your car and it can get downright gross. These items can help keep your car cleaner, fresher, and more enjoyable to be in!

  • Trash Can
    • We bring an entire plastic trash can with us – allowing us to keep the car MUCH cleaner!)
  • Trash bags (bring a whole roll!)
    • Handy for trash and great to have if…..car-sickness happens. (Unfortunately, we know from experience!)
  • Cleaning Wipes
  • Dryer Sheets (*scented)
    • Sounds odd, but dryer sheets quickly freshen up a stinky car! Stick them in seat pockets, under seats, etc.
    • An alternative to dryer sheets is a Febreze Air Vent Clip
  • Hand Sanitizer (because some restrooms don’t have soap or hot water!)
  • Roll of paper towels (easier to manage than a pack of napkins, and great to have for a variety of reasons!)



Nobody wants to get sick on a road-trip, but germs happen – sometimes smack dab in the middle of your trip….or your van….It’s always better to be ready for anything from cuts to headaches to the dreaded stomach bug.

  • Tissues
  • Toilet Paper (because sometimes rest-stops are out!)
  • Ibuprofen (or headache medicine of your choice)
  • Band-aids
  • Gum (in case anyone’s ears pop!)
  • If you’re an EO person, don’t forget your oils! (I travel with a bag of oils for overall immunity, calming, upset stomaches, sunburns, and energy!)
  • Sunscreen (Make sure to keep it accessible – not tucked away in a suitcase!)


Car Stuff

I will not pretend to be any sort of expert when it comes to car maintenance. These are just a few things I know to be good ideas when preparing to travel!

  • Change Your Oil before you go!
  • Washer fluid (Driving through parts of the country will result in a windshield CAKED in bugs! We typically was the windows when we stop for gas, but it’s nice to have extra fluid on hand just in case!)
  • Jumper cables (these should always be in your car!)


This & That

  • Dollar bills and quarters for toll booths/toll roads
  • Earbuds (When the car gets a little crazy, my husband and I like to plug in and listen to Jim Gaffigan together!)
  • Phone charger (a must!)
  • Atlas
    • You may be thinking, “But, Bekki – we have a smart phone!” However, you might not always have reliable cell service! We’ve spent hours on the road in areas with no service. It’s a smart idea to have a map for back-up!

Got kids? In my next Road Trip Series post, I’ll be talking about ways to make the car ride more enjoyable for kids (and parents!) Happy road-tripping everyone!!