Have ya’ll discovered fluffs yet? Whoever invented them is my soul sister. Fluffs are basically loaded puddings – super simple and fun to put together. I love them on hot days or as a side dish when I’ve made something on the spicy side.  Aside from being easy to make and delicious to eat, they’re a grand excuse to eat a little dessert with your meal. 😉

This banana split fluff is great because it can be so versatile! You can literally throw in the ingredients YOU like or the ingredients you have on hand. If you think it would taste good in a banana split, it will taste great in your fluff!

I typically add in chocolate chips, cherries, and some type of sliced nuts.


1 large package instant banana pudding

3 cups milk

1 small carton whipped topping

2-3 bananas, sliced

mix-ins of choice

Suggested Mix-Ins: 

chocolate chips (I like to use mini chips for this!)

mini marshmallows

maraschino cherries, halved (I always add in a bit of the juice too!)

nuts (I like sliced almonds the best!)



crushed pineapple

ice cream toppings (chocolate syrup, caramel sauce, squirt of whipped cream, etc.)

To Prepare: 

Prepare the banana pudding as directed on package, mixing 3 cups cold milk into the dry mix. Mix well, until the pudding mix is completely dissolved. Put in fridge until partially set.

When the pudding is partially set, add in the carton of whipped topping.

Mix in your desired toppings. Add some flair on top if it suits you. (You can’t mess this up….you’re eating pudding with your dinner!)  I typically wait to add the bananas until I’m ready to serve, as they tend to get mushy. Serve and enjoy.