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Learn English through FUN songs with the help of ELT Songs!

Like myself, ELT Songs believes that kids learn best when they’re interested and engaged. Kids head to “Planet Pop”, a neon world full of singing, dancing, and anything but boring English language lessons. Check out the video to learn more:

The program is built around several key components:

Music Videos

It’s no doubt that kids will naturally be drawn to the music videos in each unit. The songs are all written in the style and genres that kids actually listen to. (No nursery-rhyme-style songs here!) They’re fun, upbeat, and provide wonderful opportunities for learning vocabulary and grammatical syntax.

What I love as an educator, is that kids are again getting multiple layers of learning. In just this one screenshot from the, “This is Me” music video, a child learning English 1)sees a child using their hands, 2)sees the written word “hands”, 3)hears the spoken word “hands”, and 4)sees an image of hands.

Conversation Practice

With ANY new skill you want to learn or practice, watching someone else who already has mastery of the skill is critically important. In the Conversation Practice portions of each unit, kids have the opportunity to watch solid English conversation skills be modeled for them. The content within the conversations reinforce the lesson being taught in the music, and help put the new vocabulary words being practiced into meaningful context. (And I know anyone out there who took a foreign language in high school knows that learning to speak it converationally, rather than simply regurgitating vocabulary words was often the toughest part. This really helps kids practice that critical skill!)

As an educator, I love (LOVE) that the lesson objectives are clearly stated, allowing the parent or educator to follow-up with their child after having viewed the conversation practice. It’s so important to know and understand exactly what your child is learning in any given curriculum. This makes it so easy. (And this awesome feature is a part of each and every segment!)

Pronunciation Guides

In this critical part of the unit, kids have an opportunity to “interact” with the people from Planet Pop. Using tried-and-true listen-and-repeat methods coupled with animated elements, kids are given the chance to practice speaking the words they’ve been learning. (And they typically have a chance to review previous words and concepts in addition to the new vocabulary from the current unit/lesson.) The tutors also demonstrate British Sign Language for key vocabulary! Way to boost communication for the hearing impaired and what a fun way to engage hands-on learners!

Vocabulary Raps

We all know how hard it is to get an ear-worm out of your head! (You probably have about 10 commercials going on in your head right now!) The Vocabulary Raps use the same principle – catchy chants. Music and rhythm are combined (along with dance) to help kids learn through repetition. As with the other unit segments, kids will both see and hear the new words. (And it really is catchy! I’m going to have, “It’s old. It’s old. My robot is old.” in my head for awhile…

As an educator, I love the consistency used throughout the different portions of each unit. For example, in the vocabulary rap, the woman is rapping about her old robot. In the Pronunciation Guide of the same unit, the DJ used the word “old” to describe the same picture of a robot. That level of consistency with both visual and audio cues will really help kids retain what they are learning!

Grammar Tutorials

When I say “grammar tutorial”, I’ll bet nothing fun comes immediately to mind. But ELT Songs has created a way for kids to see, hear, and practice simple grammar structures in a natural way. As an educator, I love the kids see FULL SENTENCES using the vocabulary they have been working to learn. These videos really help kids see the order in which words string together in the English language.


This portion of the unit is perhaps a bit more advanced, as learners have the opportunity to read song lyrics and in turn, practice singing them! However, your child will have heard the song, as they will be practicing using the same song they heard in the Music Video segment! (Love that use of repetition! It’s truly one of the best ways for kids to learn!)

ELT Songs is fast-paced, interactive, and engaging. Each unit averages between 10-13 minutes long – allowing even young learners to give their full attention throughout the duration of the unit. And if you don’t have 10 minutes, you are able to view each segment individually in a separate video. (This is SO convenient AND allows you to be able to easily repeat either favorite segments or segments that require additional practice!)

While I do not have any English language learners in my own home, as an educator (and as someone who has worked to learn a different language), I can tell that this system of language instruction can and will work. I highly encourage anyone wanting to help their child learn English to visit to learn more.

If you are interested in your child learning English in a FUN and innovative way, please visit to learn more about investing in ELT Songs. (It’s less than 5 dollars per month!)

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