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Over the past 11 years of running the Chasing Supermom blog, my kids have gotten used to helping review a wide variety of products and services. And, over the years, they’ve received a fair amount of art-related kits and boxes. And while they were excited to see what was waiting for them inside the Artropia box, I know they were not expecting what we received.

As soon as we opened the box, my kids were delighted to see the included (and highly interesting) art supplies. It was a veritable treasure trove of unique and versatile supplies – a creator’s dream. With this box, my kids had access to supplies they’re not used to creating with – and absolutely LOVED that. (And I have to say, as a parent (and especially as a homeschooling parent), I love finding ways to broaden my children’s world and introduce them to new creative mediums and ideas!) The creators and curators behind the Atropia boxes have gone above and beyond to give children a creative experience that transcends the run-of-the-mill paper and crayon crafting experiences children have come to associate with “art time.”

In each box, you’ll find four completely unique art projects that kids will truly want to do. (And this worked out great, as I have four kids! I allowed each of my children ranging in age from 9-15 to complete one of the included projects.)

We received the Mythical Creatures box to review. In the Mythical Creatures box, you’ll find:

A Tale of Dragons: Create a Flying Dragon

Pieces and parts and possibilities oh my! Kids will construct their very own flying dragon. Kids can use the included markers or watercolor bottles, place sequins or stickers, and decided the desired look and shape of their dragon. Using brads, kids are able to construct dragons that move – mimicking a flying movement. My dragon-lover (who is typically less into art than his siblings) was thrilled to see a project that interested him in the box.

**While the box contains magical projects and loads of creative supplies, you won’t find printed craft instructions. Parents and children can however head to the Artropia app to see detailed how-to videos that demonstrate how to put together the individual projects. (And make sure to check out the cute thematic content with a cultural message while you’re there!) However, our very slow rural internet kept us from being able to download the portion of the app with the instructions prior to needing to get the crafts completed. But rest assured, YOU will be able to find the directions for the flying dragon as well as the other included crafts on the app! (I went into town today and was able to download and see the instructions. They will walk you through how to put together the incredible flying dragon project. It is perfect for parents wanting to integrate STEAM skills into their child’s life!)

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While YOU will be able to put together the incredible flying dragon contraption that was intended, without access to the app, we weren’t able to figure out the flying contraption or what to do with all of the included pieces, but my son loved what he DID come up with. And isn’t that sort of the point of art? To create joy, express yourself, and make meaning? (And as far as the construction of the actual dragon, my son enjoyed being able to build a dragon HIS way, without being placed into a box with step-by-step directions.

Swimming with Mermaids: Enjoy a Mix-and-Match Creative Journal

In Project 2, kids have the opportunity to create silly, wacky, and downright fun characters with the mix-and-match flip-style journal. Put octopus tentacles on a mermaid. Give a cat a pair of human legs. Use the existing templates OR color and create your own tops and/or bottoms for even MORE mix and match possibilities.

This was a project even my teenager had fun with! (Art and creativity don’t have to end in grade school! I love that Artropia has projects that appeal to kids of all ages!)

Riding Atop Unicorns: Create your own Rocking Unicorn Craft

Dragons AND unicorns in the same box?! Atropia totally has a pulse on what kids are into! My daughter was SO excited to see a unicorn project and immediately called dibs!

I felt like this project was the perfect challenge for my fourth grader. I loved watching her work to figure out how the included pieces could be put together to construct the unicorn. (Again, the app will show you how to construct your unicorn.)

As she continued to work, she realized she had additional pieces. And this is where it was magic to watch. She puzzled around, trying a variety of things – really working her brain until she figured out (on her own!) that she was supposed to turn the unicorn into a rocking-unicorn! Then you could practically see a lightbulb come on, as she realized the other pieces were a rainbow and a cloud – and then she puzzled to place those. SO much learning and problem-solving went into this project, but not at a level that brought about frustration. This was truly STEAM in action!

Your Pet Alibrjes: Create your own unique pet

In Project 4, ultra-creative and free-spirited kids can really let loose. The only limitation of this project is their imagination. After learning about the tradition of the Mexican alebrijes in the Artropia app, kids can use the included supplies to literally create whatever their heart desires. My son chose to create a cat-like creature.

Open-ended projects can frustrate kids who like to please and meet expectations – but it’s also SO incredibly good for kids to stretch and work those creative muscles! I want my kids to learn to dream and create without limits and recognize that forging their own creative path is not only acceptable but a good thing!

Artropia was created with the desire to nurture critical thinking, creative expression, and global awareness. The hands-on projects allow children to employ critical thinking while developing their own sense of creative expression. What you may not know, is that in addition to the box containing the art projects, Artropia has a corresponding app that includes high-quality educational content designed to go hand-in-hand with the specific art projects your child will be completing. The blending of the edutainment content in the app coupled with the corresponding art project really helps to nurture that sense of global awareness as kids heighten their sense of cultural understanding.

The projects are delightfully varied and unique and beautifully curated (by art educators!) Each project required different skills, used different mediums and tools, and flexed different creative and STEAM-related abilities. And these boxes are super AFFORDABLE too. (I’m not joking – this is actually an incredible value!) First-time buyers can receive their first box for just $24.95 with free shipping!

I highly recommend Artropia and urge anyone wanting to nurture creativity or STEAM skills to visit to learn more.

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