I love making cookies. And when it’s hot, I love having a few no-bake cookie recipes to help us get our cookie fix without turning on the oven. Though the summer weather is coming to a close here in the Pacific NW, these are too tasty to only enjoy a few months out of the year.

These cookies are so quick and easy to put together. And while the ingredients may sound a little strange, they really come together in the best way. As my teenage son said when I made these a few weeks ago, “These taste like childhood!”

Here’s what you’ll need to make the haystacks:


1 bag La Choy dry chow mein noodles (You’ll use between 10-12 oz.)

1 11 oz. bag butterscotch chips

1/2 cup creamy peanut butter

And that’s it!

To Prepare:

Prepare a cookie sheet by either spraying with cooking spray, lining with wax paper, or placing a Silpat mat. Set aside.

You can make these cookies on the stovetop OR by using the microwave. Either melt the butterscotch chips over low heat until smooth OR microwave in a microwave-friendly dish in 30-second increments until melted and smooth. *Butterscotch chips can be a little fussy, so make sure to use low heat or to not attempt to melt them in one go in the microwave. They could scorch!

When the butterscotch chips are melted and smooth, stir in the peanut butter until combined.

Stir in the dry chow mein noodles. I added a little bit at at time, as I wanted to make sure all the noodles were coated with the sauce. (I probably added about 10 oz. of the chow mein noodles.)

Scoop the coated noodles onto the prepared cookie sheet and refrigerated until hardened. (I use my cookie scoop to make this simpler!)

I prefer to keep these cookies refrigerated, but they will keep on the counter in a sealed container as well. Enjoy!