Ahoy Mateys! It’s time to set sail with the Z Puppets Rosenschnoz aboard the S.S. Cerebellum in search of the Legendary Waters of Calm….But, beware the Monkey Mind Pirates who threaten to steer the ship off course and invade your mind, clouding it with depression, distraction, and anxiety. Winston, Ansel, and Lady Bronte may look like sweet monkeys, but Cap’n Fitz must find out if he will give into the monkey mind pirates, or if he can sail away and find the calm he needs to stay the course! Will he “stand on the deck in the middle of the storm, or sink to the bottom of the sea?”

This Minnesota based puppet company has turned their popular puppet show into a delightful cd for children that combines music, puppets, and the basics of yoga to “navigate the story seas of stress.” Recognizing the fear and anxiety so many children are facing in today’s culture, Z Puppets Rosenschnoz sought to create an adventure aboard the high seas that would use a fun and whimsical approach to teach kids real strategies for achieving calm and squelching worry, sadness, and distraction.

In my opinion, this cd is ideally suited for children in grades 2 through 5, although younger children will enjoy the whimsical characters, fun songs, and overall pirate theme. My daughter has enjoyed listening to this cd and my son will go for anything that has to do with pirates. As a former teacher, I can see teachers using this cd in the classroom to teach students strategies for calming down, and gaining control of their thoughts and fears. This cd provides a lot of opportunity for rich discussion with your children…What a powerful message is conveyed in this cd…so many teachable moments could arise out of simply singing along to fun songs in the car!

Your child will be introduced to several practical, everyday strategies they can use when the “monkey mind pirates” of doubt, worry, and fear invade their mind. Children are encouraged to embrace calm when their own “monkey mind pirates” take over. In the song, “Sea Monkey Do”, kids are encouraged to listen, breathe, slow down, and release. I love the line that, “stillness will lead to satisfaction.” Teaching our children to stop and slow down…to be still…to quiet the voices that would love to tell them “they’ll never win” , “they’re no good,” etc. etc….what a victory…Bravo to the Z Puppets Rosenschnoz for using creative puppets, fun music, silly characters, and comedy to convey such an important message to our children.