What would you say if I told you you could have a DELICIOUS fruit drink for only 5 calories?! What if you could give your children a fruit drink that contains absolutely NO SUGAR?! If you find yourself intrigued, you need to check out Wyler’s Light. I absolutely love this product….so much so that I named it one of Chasing Supermom’s Top 5 Products of 2010!

Wyler’s Light Drink Mix tastes great and is such an easy and tasty way to drink more water and less soda and other sugary drinks. My kids love all of the “kid” drinks out there, but I hate loading them up with all of the empty calories and sugar. One day in the grocery store, I found Wyler’s Light and brought it home. My children LOVE it and think it is “juice.” I don’t mind re-filling their sippy cups, as I know they are staying hydrated in a healthy way. This is also a great product for people trying to drink less soda. Simply replace one soda a day with a Wyler’s Light Singles to Go, and you are set!

Wyler’s Light can be found in canisters with 2qt. pouches, or in convenient Singles to Go boxes. I am so excited to be able to give 19 lucky winners a CASE of Wyler’s Light Singles to Go drink mix in EVERY FLAVOR!

Like variety? Wyler’s Light Singles to Go comes in 12 delicious flavors! I have tried them all, and have found each flavor to be refreshing and delicious! My favorites are Raspberry Lemonade and Sunsplash Orange. My kids LOVE the Strawberry flavor. Each Singles to Go box contains 8 single serving drink mix pouches. Each Singles to Go is enough for a 16.9 oz water bottle. These are perfect to grab and go. Why not put a few of these in your bag when you’re heading out to the park, a playdate, a trip to the museum, etc. Why spend 4 dollars for a juice at the zoo or the amusement park when you can simply fill up your water bottle and mix in a fruity drink?

Check out the Wyler’s Light Website for lots of fun recipe ideas, a store locator, more info on this great product, and information about the other fine food products made by Jel Sert. Chasing Supermom would like to extend a big “thank-you” to The JelSert Company for sponsoring this amazing promotion!!