I don’t know about you, but when company is coming over, I tend to get a little bit stressed out…I’m the type of person that likes needs my house to be clean perfect. Mess stresses me out, and yes, I’ll admit, I like people thinking my house is clean. My husband says I need therapy for this…moving on…However, I recently began evaluating just how much effort I was putting into the pre-company clean-up, and realized, I was probably doing more than necessary! I have narrowed down what I feel is necessary for clean-up when preparing to entertain guests.

First, I’d like to give you an idea to consider before I get into the checklist..

1. Consider the guests, and stick to where they’ll be!!!

This tip is HUGE for me! I found myself frantically cleaning every inch of my house whenever ANYONE would be coming over. Then, after dealing with panic ulcers over wondering if I remembered to wipe the top of my dryer (I wish I was making this up…), I started to consider my company and which rooms of my house they’d be likely to enter….For example, will your book club be hanging out in your son’s room (Gosh I hope not!), Will the couple you’re having over be using the master bathroom? If someone isn’t going to use a room, don’t freak out about it! Most likely, company will never be headed into your master bath, so skip it! If kids aren’t coming over, don’t sweat cleaning your kids rooms! Narrow your checklist by only cleaning the rooms that will be used!


Chasing Supermom’s Company Clean-up Checklist

  • 1. Get the dishes out of the sink and dishwasher! Don’t leave a sinkful of dirty dishes for your guests to see! Clean as you go. While you are preparing the meal/snack for your guests, clean and put away the dishes as you go along. I cannot recommend how important it is to HAVE AN EMPTY DISHWASHER when you’re having company over for dinner! Being able to just stick the dirty dinner dishes right into the dishwasher is HUGE. No one wants to sit and look at your dirty dishes, and you won’t want to mess with them when company leaves that night. Plan ahead and run the dishwasher with enough time to unload it prior to company arriving!!
  • Vacuum! Vacuuming is a great and simple way to tidy up a room. A freshly vacuumed floor looks welcoming and inviting (and in order to vacuum, you have to first pick up the little toys and clutter that can accumulate on our carpets and rugs!)
  • Wipe down the guest bathroom! Grab some Clorox wipes (or my favorite, Mr. Clean with Febreze spray and a rag) and quickly wipe down the counter, sink, and toilet. Lift the toilet lid and wipe any pee stains..yuck!! No one wants to see where your little man (or big man) missed! Also, check the bathroom floor! Nothing takes away your appetite like seeing someone else’s “private” hairs on the floor! Sit on the potty in your bathroom and see what part of the floor you can see…If your eye goes to it, so will theirs! Wiping down the floor with some spray or a wet wipe is quick and easy (and a great job to give older kids!)
  • Sweep the kitchen/dining room floor! People tend to congregate in these rooms, so take a minute and sweep up the Cheerios, dog hair, and little bits of this and that that are all over your kitchen floor!
  • Spray your kitchen counters/island/dining table! With a wipe or your favorite spray, quickly wipe down all major counter-tops and the table in your kitchen. Make sure there are no sticky spots on the table, or leftover spaghetti stains from lunch. Your company doesn’t want to stick their arm in goo or dried up mustard. (Also a great job to assign a kid!)
  • Make sure the kitchen/guest bath trash is empty! I have a habit of throwing diapers in the bathroom trash, and let’s face it…no one wants to smell my kid’s old diaper…so, take out the trash before anyone has to use it!
  • Stock the guest bath with toilet paper! I cannot tell you how many times I have used the bathroom at a friend’s house, only to find there is no more toilet paper. I check the normal places extra rolls are found, and have come up empty so many times! No one wants to rifle through your trash hoping for a used Kleenex, so stock up!
  • Light a candle/turn on the Scentsy! A fresh and inviting scent can really make your guests feel at home. A nice smelling house is a friendly house. (and I just like my house to smell good!)
  • De-clutter/Pick up toys! People are coming to your home, not the toy store…Have your kids pick up their mess.

Divide and conquer. Assign a task or two to your husband. Get your kids involved! My kids (5 and 3) do a lot of this stuff on their own! I’m a big believer in getting kids involved in chores EARLY!¬† (Getting Your Kids Involved in Household Chores (and getting them to like it too!) Don’t sweat the things like washing the windows and dusting every knick knack. Hit the major areas, and call it good. Happy entertaining! Thanks for keeping it clean with Chasing Supermom!