I wanted to come up with something new and different for my Superbowl Snack Series this year. I love playing around in the kitchen, and when I saw a more complicated version of this snack on pinterest, I knew I wanted to try to simplify it for all the busy mamas out there!

I have been a huge fan of the cinnamon monkey bread for years…SOO good! When I saw the version that used homemade bread, I instantly thought of the same concept/flavor profile using the oh so simple tube biscuits. (And I was THRILLED when it worked!) This bread turned out to be highly addictive and chock full of buttery, garlicky goodness!


4 tubes of biscuits (small, not the “Grands”)

14 T butter or margarine

Johnny’s Garlic Spread  to taste (this is a garlic seasoning, NOT a garlic salt!)

Parmesan cheese to taste ( I used the good old green shaker kind.)

That’s it!! Super easy!

To Prepare

1. Preheat your oven as directed on the biscuit packaging. Generously spray the sides of a bundt pan with cooking spray.

2. Start by cutting 2 tubes of biscuits into quarters. Cut the biscuits into a mixing bowl.

3. Mix 6 T of melted butter with some of the Johnny’s Garlic Spread. (Garlic is a powerful taste, so use what seems right for YOUR family.) I probably used about a Tablespoon.

4. Pour the butter/garlic mixture over the cut biscuits, and mix. It is okay if they are a bit clumped together. Spread the mixture into your bundt pan.

5. Shake on a generous amount of parmesan cheese.

6. Repeat steps 2-4.

7. Sprinkle just a touch more of the parmesan cheese, and drizzle the remaining 2 T of melted butter over the biscuits.

8. Bake about 15-20 minutes, or until the biscuits are a nice golden brown and the center no longer appears doughy.

This will come out of the mold more easily if allowed to cool for several minutes. (I took mine out of the bundt pan immediately, and it fell apart…Still super tasty, just not as pretty!)

This would be great served with a side of marinara sauce as well, but stands alone.

We ate this up before I could snag a picture, so I found something that looks similar online for you! Enjoy this DELICIOUS treat that is perfect for game day, or any day!!

Photo by cooklikeyourmom.com

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