Welcome back DEEP clean chasers, and thanks for taking the Chasing Clean Challenge with me! If you’ve missed the last few days, head on over to the Cleaning section of my blog, where you’ll find the first Chasing Clean Challenges, along with lots of other articles on cleaning!

Today, we pick up right where we left off before the holiday, in the kitchen! Today’s challenge is one I like to do more often than some of the others…In fact, I try to do this the day before I do one of my larger grocery runs. I love the way this project helps me to see what food items we truly need, and what food items actually get used up! Plus, I just can’t resist a sparkly appliance! If you haven’t guessed it yet, today we are taking on the fridge! Are you ready? Let’s get started!

The Project: The Fridge

The Steps:

The Food

1. Start with one shelf or area of the fridge at a time. I like to remove everything so I really know what I’m dealing with. Throw out anything that is expired, moldy, or rotten. Evaluate what you have…If you’re not going to eat it, get rid of it! If you wouldn’t serve it to your children, throw it out!

2. Toss the Tupperware containers filled with mystery food into the sink for washing! You will probably end up with half of your Tupperware drawer (at least if you’re like me!)

The Bins/Drawers

1. Remove all of the bins and/or drawers in your fridge, and wash them out! I am always pretty grossed out by some of the gooey mess that I find. Use mild soap and water or a food-safe spray and give these a good clean! Why put back good food into a nasty bin?

2. Wash UNDERNEATH the bins. The space where the drawers rest is often laden with hidden spills and stains! Don’t do a project halfway! Go ahead and wipe down this area!

3. Go ahead and wipe down all of the shelving in your fridge as well! Wipe up the spilled jam, pickle juice, and left-over mashed potato mess…Make that fridge sparkle!

The Condiment Door

1. Go through each of your condiments, and check the dates! I am always amazed at how many salad dressings and bbq sauces, etc I have that have expired months ago. (This is also a great opportunity to see which condiments your family actually likes enough to use up! If you find yourself constantly throwing away a certain mustard or sauce each time you clean the fridge, chances are your family doesn’t care for it, and you shouldn’t buy it! (at least not in such a large container!))

The Front

1. Since you’re at it, go ahead and wipe down the front and sides of your fridge as well! This may mean that you’ll have to go through some of the artwork/magnets/pictures as well. I like to rotate the artwork on my fridge periodically anyways, (and after a few months, your child will have forgotten about the coloring sheet they just HAD to save, and you can get away with throwing it out now), so go ahead and take down what you have and make room for something new!

2. Make sure to wipe down the handles well, as this is an area where a lot of germs/food contamination can live!


Enjoy your clean fridge! I love that mine is clean and shiny, and ready for new food! I love all the extra space I have now and love how everything has been re-organized! Have fun, and I’ll meet you back here tomorrow for another Chasing Clean Challenge! We’re almost done with the kitchen!