If your kids are anything like mine, they are drawn to the computer. Sometimes I wonder if they are somehow magnetically connected. As a parent, I will only allow my young children (6 and 4) to play on pre-selected sites, and prefer them to only play educational games. When K-5 Learning asked me to review their site, I jumped at the chance, as their site is not only fun for children, but is a fairly comprehensive reading and math program as well.

K-5 Learning is designed to help kids build their reading and math skills through independent study. The program can be used as an after-school or summer-time skill booster (or refresher), or as a supplement to a homeschooling curriculum. K-5 is unique, as it truly meets kids where they are at, giving them targeted lessons based on their unique abilities and skill sets. Prior to beginning the lessons (masked as fun games), your child will take an online assessment (which both of my kids thought was really fun!). The program then begins the lessons at your child’s point of need. I loved that K-5 viewed my child as a unique learner, rather than lumping my daughter in with a generic “kindergarten” level of activity. Hannah was able to dive right into lessons that were right for HER, skipping over those that were too easy and working towards those that were more of a challenge.

K-5 Learning features K5 Reading, K5 Math, K5 Math Facts, and K5 Spelling. The kindergarten through grade 5 reading curriculum covers five key skill areas: phonemic awareness, phonics, sight words, vocabulary and reading
comprehension. The curriculum covers numbers and operations (arithmetic from simple counting through fractions and beyond), measurement (including telling time and counting money), geometry, beginning algebra and data analysis. K5 Math facts was designed to help kids develop instant recall of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts. K5 spelling is a spelling and vocabulary program that focuses on one word at a time, where the student must spell the word correctly before  moving on. Each of these four areas is aligned with national standards, interactive, appealing to students, and effective. My kids looked forward to doing “computer school”, and came away with new knowledge each time they “played.”

Another great thing about K-5 Learning is that they automatically select the lessons for your child. This is fabulous for two reasons: 1-The parent does not need to spend a lot of time searching for an appropriate lesson for their child (great for busy moms!) and 2- The child cannot simply select and re-select (and re-select and re-select) the same lesson or game over and over. Each time your child logs on, the program will choose a different lesson for them to work on, picking right up where they left off, working at THEIR level. (However, parents also have the option of logging in and choosing lessons to assign to their child at any time! This program really allows you the option to sit back or take a more active role!) The program offers over 3,000 different lessons, so your child will have a fun new learning experience each time they work with the program.

I also loved that I could log on as the parent and check on my child’s progress. K-5 keeps you updated on how your child is moving through the curriculum, keeping you informed!

Sound interesting? Here are some of the program highlights for you!

1. Online assessment that accurately measures your child’s reading and math level!

2. Lessons targeted at your child’s individual level!

3. Over 3,000 individual multi-media learning activities!

4. Easy to use system, allowing even young children the ability to work independently!

5. Comprehensive reports available to parents, allowing you to check on your child’s progress in specific skill areas!

I encourage you to check out all of the ways you can connect with K-5 Learning, and see if you think it may be a good fit for you and your children! You can head to the K-5 website, http://www.k5learning.com, and try a free 14 day trial, to see if their program is right for you! You can also take their free assessment! If you do decide to sign-up, make sure you let them know that Chasing Supermom sent you!

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