EVERY woman should have this quick little recipe in her cooking arsenal. This delicious dip takes literally two ingredients, and is just the thing to whip up and take to a get-together, book club, Bible study, etc. You can throw this together in just a few minutes and have a serious crowd-pleaser. I have adored this dip since childhood, and know you will too! (Your kids will like it too, and this just may encourage more cautious eaters to eat more fruit!)

Here is what you’ll need to make fruit fluff!


1 jar marshmallow cream

1 8 oz. brick cream cheese (You can use low-fat or non-fat too)

That’s it!!!

To Prepare

1. Scoop the marshmallow cream into a large mixing bowl.

2. Cut the cream cheese into pieces, and place into the mixing bowl with the marshmallow cream.

3. Beat together until smooth and creamy.

4. Serve with assorted fruit and enjoy!!!