Sunday…confession time! I don’t know about you, but I’ve had a long, hard week!   The days were long and my patience was often short. I was often DONE by about 11:15. (And I KNOW you know what I mean!) Then I started to think….Don’t we all have days like this? Days where we aren’t running on all cylinders and the tasks and chores to be done seem to taunt us? That’s what The Confessional is all about…a true to life glimpse of what motherhood is REALLY all about….the ins and outs and ups and downs…the things they don’t write inside of Hallmark cards or tell you at birthing class…Every day is not magical, and you may not always feel as though your child is a blessing from above. (And by the way, it is OKAY to feel that way…)!

So, if you’re having a long day too, sit back, and allow yourself a few minutes to identify with and relate to another mother…A mother brave enough to let you in on a few of her confessions…those things we ALL do that we aren’t super proud of. What we don’t realize is that we all do these things…As we share with each other, we begin to gain some validation and forgive ourselves….allowing ourselves to be HUMAN…We’ll make mistakes….We’ll fail…BUT, at the end of the day, we love our kids…fiercely…and that is all that matters.

I am taking yet another turn in The Confessional, because well, you’re not. (And I need you!) While I could easily amuse you with my shortcuts for weeks on end, I love allowing my readers (you awesome people!) the chance to share. However, I am short on volunteers, so I sacrifice myself for the sake of solidarity and validation. I assure you, I am not Supermom….just mom….And I do crazy stuff to save my sanity. Sit back and breathe that sweet sigh of relief that you are NOT the only one…

Ready to feel better? Here we go!

Father forgive me…

1. My daughter put the tooth she lost under her pillow for the tooth fairy,  in a condom box. I got a whole ton of them for some weird promotion, and have no use for them….They’re cute, flowery metal boxes and she was none the wiser that it wasn’t anything but a tooth box. =)

2. My 18 month old pulled a half eaten package of cookies out of the trashcan, and I just let him eat it.

3. If my boys happen to be wearing sweats, I’ll typically just have them sleep in them, rather than putting on jammies, just to save on laundry….Sometimes, if I don’t feel like dressing them/am short on time, I’ll just have them wear the outfit again the next day too.

4. Before I went on my diet, lunch for me would often consist of eating whatever was left on my kids’ plates when they were done eating. Half-eaten dinosaur chicken nuggets and broken up goldfish crackers were staples for me.

5. If one of my kids goes looking for some beloved art project (ie-piece of paper they colored on) and I’ve thrown it away, I’ll sometimes just tell them that “Daddy must have taken it to his office.”

6. I actually do just about everything I can to get my 6 year old and 4 year old to NOT sleep inside their covers….just so I won’t have to make their bed the next day. (Un-made beds REALLY bother me,and now that they have bunk beds, they can’t make them themselves…) I try to convince them to just sleep on top of the covers all the time. (In college, I rarely slept inside my bed, just to save myself the hassle of making it in the morning. I maybe slept IN my bed in December and January…I wouldn’t sleep in my bed now if my husband would go for it…Alas, he won’t…so the bed-making continues.) Sigh…

7. As an addendum, I secretly (okay, not so secretly anymore) want my six year old (who does not actually NEED the bunkbed in her room) to ask us to take it down. It’s not as cute as her old bed, it’s SUPER hard to make/change the sheets, and it’s a lot harder to read to her/snuggle with her at night.

8. I honestly don’t know if my kids change their underwear in the morning.

Think you can do that? PLEASE contact me!!! I would LOVE to have you, and will happily send traffic to your blog or social media as well! Thanks for reading and until next week, you have been exonerated. Go and sin no more.