Summer has finally arrived in the Pacific Northwest! With the onset of warmer temperatures, I knew I was going to have to come up with some FUN ways to keep cool this summer. Even if you are one of the lucky ones who have an air conditioner, you’ll still have fun keeping cool with these playful ways to beat the heat.

1. Play outside before lunch and/or after dinner.

On HOT summer days, it’s best to keep your kids indoors during the warmest part of the day. When we know the weather is going to hit 90+, I make sure to send the kids out first thing in the morning, and then again after dinner. Any trips to the park are taken early as well to avoid dehydration and over-heating.

2. Play with water!

Run through the sprinkler. Fill up the water table. Splash in the pool. If you don’t have any of the above, fill up several large tubs/totes with water and summerfun (4 of 8)put them outside. Gather some bath toys or simply some cups and bowls and let your child play, splash, and pour!

Another great water idea if you don’t have a lot of time or funds is to use a squirt bottle. When desperate, we have used a water bottle to mist our kids on hot and sweaty days. They love it, and the cool mist brings them quick relief.

3. Cool Treats

Beat the heat with a cool treat. We always have a box of Otter Pops on hand (check stores for the new GIANT Otter Pops!) Grab a popsicle mold and blend your favorite fruits, juices, yogurts, etc to make a healthy and natural treat.

cantaloupeAnother healthy treat we love is Frozen Fruit Pops! Frozen fruit is a fun way to be healthy and cool down!

Try one of my delicious sorbet recipes, or my homemade vanilla ice cream recipe! Other favorites at our house include frozen bananas, my awesome one ingredient ice cream!

4. Freeze Your Pillowcases!

This sounds a little bit nuts, but a chilly pillowcase can provide just enough relief to allow you time to fall asleep in a hot and sticky room. About 20 minutes before bed, put your pillowcase in the freezer. (Don’t get it wet….we’re not going for icy…just cold!) There is nothing like laying your head down on a cool pillow, especially when your room is HOT!

5. Play with Ice!

Play Ice Explorers! Not only will your child be learning a TON about solids/liquids and be able to use the scientific process, he/she will stay nice and cool as they do this fun science/play experiment! Click HERE to see how to play.

Younger children would enjoy tubs/totes full of ice cubes. Throw in a few Little People and play animals and play “arctic expedition” or “journey to the North Pole.” Be creative and have fun with it!

6. Swimming in the Bath-tub

In my part of the country, a pool is a luxury. Not many people have them. If you don’t have a swimming pool at your home, a fun idea is to let your child put on their swimsuit and go swimming in the tub. Fill the tub up with cool water and let them splash and play. The novelty of being in their suit will be fun for them.

Have fun keeping cool! Leave a comment with your ideas on fun ways to stay cool!