When I was growing up, the 4th of July was my favorite holiday. I can still smell the charcoal briquets, can picture the row of pies on the kitchen counter, and can hear the booms and reports of the many (many!) fireworks we set off. While our celebrations have tapered off over the years, I still love finding small ways to make the day special for our kids.

When I saw this idea on Kraft Recipes, I knew we had to make it! I love making popsicles with the kids in the summer. They love having a small treat to cool off with. This treat features a few of my favorite things…jello and pudding! I’ve mentioned it before, but I have a slight obsession with all things JELL-O, and pudding pops bring me right back to my childhood. These sweet and colorful treats combine both in a delicious way. The sweet and Julypopsiclescreamy pudding gets a kick from the tart and jiggly jello.

As an added bonus, these are a great recipe to make with the kids! My 7 year old daughter made these on her own, and gave her great practice in the kitchen. (*I poured the boiling water!)

Here’s what you’ll need to make these 4th of July Popsicles!


1 small box blue jell-o

1 small box red jell-o

(A large box of sugar free will work as a substitute for a small box of regular.)

1 large package of instant vanilla pudding mix

2 cups milk


To Prepare

1. In two separate bowls, mix each of the jello mixes with 2/3 cup of water. Stir well until the gelatin is completely dissolved.

2. Pour each of the two flavors into their own sprayed 8×8 loaf pan. Refrigerate for approximately 1 hour, or until firm.

3. Cut the jell-o into small cubes.

4. Prepare the pudding, mixing together the dry mix and 2 cups of milk. Gently stir in the red and blue jell-o cubes.

5. Spoon into small cups, and insert a popsicle stick. Freeze about 4 hours, or until firm.