Looking for a simple yet super cute gift for Father’s Day? I created a quick printable that allows your child to tell their father how they feel about him.

Kids fill in open-ended blanks, such as “I love it when he…..” and “My Daddy is very good at….” There is also a space for children to tell their Dad why his work is important. Dads who work outside the home, or Dads who stay at home with their children are equally important and mydaddywant to know that their work and contribution matters.

This easy worksheet communicates love and respect to dads – and is easy to pull off! Allow older children to fill in the blanks, and take dictation from younger children who don’t yet know how to write. These will become cherished keepsakes and are sure to make the dad (or grandpa, uncle,etc.) feel extra-special!

Happy Father’s Day!

Click here to get the Father’s Day Printable from Chasing Supermom