This summer, I introduced my children to Star Wars. It was so much fun to re-experience this franchise with them – seeing it through fresh eyes. No surprises, Yoda was a big hit with the kids. They were absolutely intrigued with the way Yoda speaks. The teacher in me couldn’t help but use their love of Yoda to teach them about sentence construction.

Building a proper sentence doesn’t sound like a ton of fun…because well, it isn’t. However, when you change up an ordinary grammar activity by adding in a favorite character, the task becomes enjoyable.

My kids had a lot of fun with this. (And yes, they may or may not have read most of the sentences in their best Yoda voices.) =)

Print a copy of the worksheet.

Your child will need to re-write each sentence using correct grammar and sentence structure. They may also need to practice capitalization, as the first word of the sentence may change. Have a good time making sentences you will.

Click HERE to access the worksheet. (Access the worksheet you will through that link.) I just can’t help myself.

Have fun and always look for ways to make learning fun!