Two years ago, I had the privilege of interviewing “Monti” Carlo, a mother and home-chef turned reality show contestant on the hit show Master Chef. You can check out that interview HERE.When she was on Master Chef, I couldn’t help but root for her. (What can I say – moms have to stick together!) She wasn’t only a talented chef, she was funny, charming, and REAL. To my delight, when I had the chance to talk to her, she was exactly the same way, making me feel as though I was chatting up my best friend from college.

This week, I had the chance to speak to her again about her all-new TV show!!!!!!!!! (It gets better….it’s a cooking/competition/reality show!) I’ll give you a second for your private celebratory dance party.


Monti’s new show, Make My Food Famous debuts THIS Sunday at 10 PM on the FYI Network. I would love for all of my viewers with cable to tune in this Sunday, and help Monti’s new show get picked up for a full season!

Here’s the basic premise:

Three home cooks battle it out to have one of their dishes on the menu of their favorite restaurant!

In the first episode, three cooks are working towards getting their food on David LeFevre of  Manhattan Beach Post’s menu. (He’s a Michelin-starred chef! Talk about the chance of a lifetime!)

Not only do I love Monti’s charm, warmth, and humor, I absolutely LOVE the premise of this show. Believing in your dreams is so important. Many of us spend a lifetime chasing them. This show takes three people and gives them one incredible opportunity to see their dream be made a reality. It’s incredible. You can’t help but cheer for them.

While we’re talking about cheering – I have to take a second to talk about Monti. This girl knows how to make the best of any situation, and will crack you up every step of the way. In our thirty minute chat, we talked everything from poo explosions (seriously) and embarrassing moments, to heartbreak, to taking a chance on a dream. Her ability to laugh at the sheer craziness of life, her all-out love for her son Danger, and the way she puts anyone at ease are just a fraction of what makes her destined to succeed. While she is in disbelief she beat out several “big time” chefs for her new gig as TV host, I’m not the least bit surprised she is the one who rose to the top during the 6 month audition process. She’s a fighter with a huge heart, amazing skills in the kitchen, and is perhaps the most down-to-earth person I “know.” (If you are in the LA area, you’ll want to head over to Roy Choi’s Commissary, where she’s been working!)

Please tune in THIS Sunday to the FYI Network at 10pm and watch Make My Food Famous!

You can also send a message to the FYI Network on their Facebook page, and urge them to pick this show up!