Doesn’t handmade for the holidays sound awesome? I love the idea of giving handmade items -sharing truly unique and heartfelt gifts with family and friends. When you throw kids getting the opportunity to create, work with their hands, practice hand-eye coordination, and exercise imagination – you have a win, win, win, win, win situation!! (I’m sort of an advocate for creativity!)

Klutz has put together fantastic craft/activity kits that provide everything you need to create kid-friendly and kid-approved projects. From finger knitting to friendship bracelets, from clay charms to shrink & link jewelry, there is a kit for every kid.

My kids LOVE to craft, but I rarely have all needed supplies on hand to make the projects they dream up. I absolutely love that these kits don’t require any trips to the craft store. I also love that I don’t need to watch a series of YouTube videos to figure out how to complete the project. Instructions are included with every kit, and with so many to choose from, you can choose the Klutz kit that matches your skill level.

The kits are affordable, fun, and appealing to kids. Kids will be proud of what they create, and eager to share their creations with family this year. Make a bracelet for their favorite aunt. Give grandma a piece of string art. Finger knit a scarf for their teacher. There is so much love that comes with a handmade gift. What will Klutz help you make for your loved ones this year?

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Here are the kits we were able to check out:

Shrink & Link Jewelry 

Pop Collage

String Art

Finger Knitting

Make Glitter Clay Charms

(Shhh!! I’m setting a few aside for Christmas!!) However, I pulled out the “Make Glitter Clay Charms” kit, as my kids have been SUPER into clay lately. They LOVED the included idea book, and were so eager to start designing their own charms. My daughter set right to work making a purple unicorn, blending the idea book with her own flair. My son set out to make a whale, inspired by a recent homeschooling unit.




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