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Like so many, I grew up eating and enjoying SweeTARTS Classic Candy. They were the perfect blend of tart and sweet. I loved unrolling the package to see which color would be next. While you can still enjoy those delicious discs, the SweeTARTS brand has expanded into a variety of tasty products with that sweet and tart flavor you’ve come to know and crave.

SweeTARTS Mini Gummies are cute, sweet, and feature an extra-tangy coating. They’re tiny, tangy, and totally crave-able! The SweeTARTS Soft Bites are larger than the Classic SweeTARTS and feature that same tangy coating the Mini Gummies do. They’re soft, chewy, and delicious.

When you think about the movies, you often think about the concessions. There’s nothing quite like watching a movie with a bucket of popcorn and a box or bag of your favorite candy. In our family, we often enjoy “Family Movie Night.” I typically serve a treat like brownies or ice cream, but recently decided to bring a taste of the movie theater to our living room – and served up a mix of popcorn and SweeTARTS! The kids LOVED it!!!


The mix of salty popcorn and the sweet and sour SweeTARTS Mini Gummies and SweeTARTS Soft Bites was the perfect blend of flavors (sorta like a SweetTART candy!) To make my mix, I simply popped a bag of microwave popcorn, and mixed in a small handful of both the SweeTARTS Soft Bites and the SweeTARTS Mini Gummies. I served the mix in small mason jars.


Of course, the kids love the SweeTARTS Mini Gummies and Soft Bites right out of the bag too! Who wouldn’t?


Find out more about SweeTARTS products and make sure to look for these candies at a store near you!


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