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It’s hard for me to imagine a life without music. Music sets the tone….makes us smile…brings back memories. It’s incredible. So as a parent, giving my kids the opportunity to not only hear and experience music, but to CREATE it – makes my heart sing.

As an educator, I cannot stress enough how beneficial musical instruction is to a child (to any human actually!) Learning to play a musical instrument increases hand-eye coordination, improves brain function, improves math and reading skills, and can lower stress levels!

The ukulele (especially a KeiKi ukulele) is a WONDERFUL first option for aspiring musicians. First of all, a KeiKi ukulele is affordable. KeiKi Ukuleles are under thirty dollars. For a quality musical instrument, that is a phenomenal price and a terrific investment – especially if your child is musically minded/gifted or shows any interest in learning an instrument.

Plus, lower string tension and fewer strings mean learning to play the ukulele is much easier for a beginner than say, picking up a standard guitar. A ukulele is a fantastic gateway instrument for kids like my son who one day aspire to play the guitar.


The KeiKi Ukuleles come in four fun colors! You can choose from Sandalwood (a natural wood look), Seafoam, Sunset Red, or Pacific Blue. While I think all four are gorgeous, I couldn’t help myself when I saw the Seafoam. It’s just SO much fun. (And when you’re having fun and think something is pretty, you’re more likely to interact with it!)

We were surprised (and excited) to learn that you actually get a lot more than the ukulele itself! Each  KeiKi Ukulele comes with the ukulele, a digital tuner (with an included battery – bonus!), a carrying case, a guidebook, a strap, fun retro stickers (that my kids automatically snagged), and 2 picks. This ukulele literally comes with everything you need to get started playing!!

I knew my younger kids would enjoy playing the ukulele. My youngest told me that she couldn’t wait to strum her ukulele and “make the world happy with her music.” My 8 year old son was excited to come up with his own songs – write his own music. However, what I didn’t expect (at all) was how interested my teenage daughter would be in the KeiKi Ukulele. She LOVED it. It was so incredible (and fun) to see her gravitate toward it – trying to figure out how it worked – how to play each note – how to make songs. It was almost like an instant calm came over her, and honestly, it was a joy to see.

If you have a child or teen at home, I really encourage you to consider purchasing a KeiKi ukulele – and letting your child explore music with it.

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