Sometimes, I forget just how much fun my kids are. I get so caught up in my work, my writing, the chores, the cooking….all of the “mom” stuff, that I lose sight of the most important part of the job…the kids! On my busiest days, when I’m up against deadlines or tackling a messy house, I force myself to stop and take a “Giggle Break” with my kids. Giggle breaks are short, simple, and often-times hilarious bits of time with your kids. Stopping for a minute to ENJOY my kids gives me the extra boost to get through the dishes, the review post, or the bathroom cleaning. I’m refreshed and invigorated again. These small breaks get rid of my stress and remind me why I do all the other “stuff.”

Today I wanted to give you ten SUPER SIMPLE activities to try with your kids the next time you need a Giggle Break. Sometimes, we make the mistake of thinking that everything we do with our kids has to be elaborate, “magical”, or Pinterest-worthy. Baloney. The only thing your child needs is YOU.

My kids and I found ourselves doing these things the other night, and it was genuinely one of the high points of my week. Why? I stopped all of my stress and “rush” and busyness and engaged, interacted, and laughed with my kids. I was amazed at how such crazy simple activities could really impact our evening and create memories. Try it for yourself. It just might be the Giggle Break you so desperately need.

Try the following activities. Kids may have fun seeing if they can master some of these new “skills.” We were laughing in no time!

1.Whistle (If they know how, have them try the other way! You can whistle by blowing IN and blowing OUT. See if they can do both!)

2.Do “Spock fingers”

3.Twiddle your thumbs

4.Pat your head and rub your tummy


6.Curl your tongue (Watching my son try to do this, still cracks me up!)

7. Do a somersault (This may make you feel elderly…)

8. Walk across the room with a book on your head

9. Try a tongue twister (My personal fave is “Rubber baby buggy bumpers!”)

10. Play “Rock, Paper, Scissors” (“Lizard, Spock”) =)