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As a mother of four, I am well-versed in the art of diapering. I have changed a diaper every single day for the last eight years. We are nearing the “finish line” of diapering, and I’ve learned just how important it is to find a reliable diaper. Pampers Swaddlers are the #1 choice among hospitals, and is the softest diaper Pampers makes. (We love them!)

I wish I had known from the start just how important it is to choose a QUALITY diaper. Now that I’ve been around the block a time or two (or four!), I’ve learned a few things. Here are a handful of tips I wish I’d known when I started my journey as a mother.

1. Relax!

With our first child, I was a bit neurotic. I kept charts of minutes slept, minutes spent playing, feeding times, amount eaten, etc. I had pages and pages of notes and felt the need to document every waking minute of my child’s life. It was crazy – and knowing how long she was sleeping at night vs. during the day didn’t change anything.

Fast forward to my fourth child – where I realized it was fine to let her sleep when she was tired, and eat when she was hungry – not harperbabyspending all of my energy trying to document her schedule. Lightening up and working with her natural schedule was SO much easier – and you know what? Both girls started sleeping through the night about the same time.

Do your best to stay relaxed. I found that having a more laid-back approach to parenting my newborn was more enjoyable for everyone, and gave me more energy to focus on caring for and enjoying my little one. They were a lot more fun than neurotic note-taking.

2. A Family That Eats Together…

Our first child ate purees, yogurts, and “kid” food until she was 2 years old. My husband was working full time and going to school full time, so I almost always made her a separate dinner – and usually defaulted to those classic “kid” foods. Towards this end, it was SO hard to get her to begin to eat a wider range of foods – especially healthier options. We finally got there, but it took A LOT of work!

With our fourth child, I had learned my lesson! Harper began eating what we were eating as soon as she showed an interest in solid food. Whenever I could, I made what we were eating for dinner available to her. Now, she is a two year old who LOVES any and all veggies, and readily eats anything I put in front of her.

3. Quality Counts

I am a girl who loves bargains. Just about any store I enter, I immediately start scanning for the clearance racks, or hunting for those little discount stickers. With our first baby, naturally, I wanted to save money. We bought several “off” brand diapers – and paid the price! I won’t go into detail about the “poosplosions” we encountered – but needless to say, we found that our child’s clothes stayed cleaner AND they slept through the night better with a quality diaper.

Speaking of quality diapers…

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