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I’ll be honest. As a student, a teacher, and a homeschooling parent – math has always frustrated me. The abstract concepts are often difficult to understand. This year, my oldest child wrestled her way through an Algebra 1 textbook. It was hard. It was challenging. It wasn’t a lot of fun. (Or any fun. At all.)

H.ACE.R Didáctica set out to create a way for students (and parents/teachers) to see and understand complex math problems while playing a game. No worksheets. No math book. No tears. A GAME. Interested?

Algebra is a Game is a product designed for Spanish-speaking individuals and families who want to teach their children to visually understand and represent algebraic ideas. Players use the included pieces on a board that represents the Cartesian plane.

The comprehensive included guidebook walks students through numerous types of algebraic problems and expressions, showing them how to represent and solve the problems using the included pieces and Cartesian plane board.

For Spanish speaking students struggling to understand algebra, this comprehensive book will be a welcome addition to their existing math curriculum. Even with a limited understanding of the Spanish language, it’s clear to see that the book walks students through algebraic problems, and shows them how to visually solve/represent the problems using the colored pieces and board.

In my experience as a teacher, so many students struggle through math because they can’t see it. (And studies have suggested that 70% of our kids are visual learners!) Once kids move past the basic operations, it becomes more difficult to represent math through story problems and manipulatives. Having a learning tool like Algebra is a Game, can literally change the game for Spanish-speaking middle schoolers and high schoolers working to make sense of algebra. They’ll finally be able to SEE it!

Algebra is a Game comes with everything pictured here:


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